Seismic Consulting

Seismic Retrofits

  • Seismic strengthening and rehabilitation
  • ASCE-41 or ASCE-7 methodology
  • Historic buildings, URM and soft-story structures


  • Baseline analysis of buildings, for monitoring changes in structural behavior over time. Especially useful for rapid post-earthquake structural evaluations.
  • Due-diligence pre-purchase building evaluations
  • Structural site investigation reports
  • Seismic risk analyses
  • Estimates of potential losses from earthquake disasters using FEMA P-58 or HAZUS methodology
  • Disaster preparedness plans for individual buildings, campuses or entire portfolios

IN-SITU Testing

  • Field-measure dynamic response properties of existing buildings, bridges, floor-systems, equipment or site soil using Sensequake™ vibration sensors and data processing methodology
  • Obtain structural mode shapes, periods and damping ratios of existing structures based on field-measured ambient vibrations
  • Structural health evaluations and monitoring for buildings and bridges
  • Vibration monitoring of buildings, floors, equipment or construction sites
  • Soil classification: measure fundamental site period, estimate mean shear wave velocity, determine ASCE-7 Site Class